After spending two weeks at the Amsterdam Fashion week and developing some new projects, I finally found the time to write about a-couple, the duo designer from Spain that I had the pleasure of interviewing at the Modefabriek.

Laia Garcés and Núria Marti (

Monyart: Hi girls and congratulations for your new collection (part of the cut and edge catwalk) - both the materials and the design were quite impressive! Let’s start with the name of your brand. How did you come up “a-couple?”

a-couple: We met at school a few years ago (both of them are 23) and we immediately clicked. We did everything together; in fact, we were spending so much time together that both teachers and school mates start referring to us as pareja (couple). 

Monyart: When did you decide to team up to create the brand?

a-couple: At some point the "pareja" was separated as we were both working abroad. However, we were talking over skype on a daily basis about our dream.. One and a half years ago, we decided to go for it and we opened our studio in Barcelona. We have been working together ever since.

Monyart: As stated above, I find your collection quite impressive! Innovative design with a hint of Japanese additions. Which is your target audience?

a-couple: We target the northern market. That is why we attended the Modefabriek and we are heading to the Madrid Fashion Week to present our collection next week.

Monyart: Thank you girls. Best of luck and we will keep in touch! 

a-couple: Thank you Mony.